PHAEDRUS Studio is a full-service design and architecture practice working across and between disciplines to design and create objects, spaces, and architecture.

Design is a process. Our role as designers is to foster that process through open-minded inquiry and dialogue while seeking to understand the dreams, desires, and values of those we design for. Through playful exploration and guided collaboration, we reveal solutions that could not initially or individually be imagined. Driven by an understanding and passion for art, craft, and technology, we emphasize design solutions that perform over preconceived notions of style. We recognize that performance is relative to a given project's unique constraints and opportunities and create physical expressions of the ideas and inspirations exposed by the design process.




Architect and Industrial Designer David Grant-Rubash studied architecture in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen DIS and holds a Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design from Kansas State University. As a Project Leader, Design Lead and Associate at boutique and mid-sized architecture firms in New York City as well as Toronto, David has developed a broad base of experience encompassing art, design, architecture, and real estate development. Through this and successful independent ventures, he has built a reputation as a dynamic designer of all scales and is recognized for his purposeful and playful designs. This reputation has been established over a wide range of project types from furniture, installations, residential  and  commercial  interiors,  to mid-rise  infill, and  high-rise  mixed-use  office  towers. Currently an adjunct professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design,  David previously taught at Toronto Metropolitan University's School of Interior Design and Department of Architectural Sciences.




Designer Tyler Malone holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). Prior to devoting himself to Architecture, Tyler pursued Fundamental Arts establishing the foundations of a design approach centered around artistic expression and phenomenological experience.  As a Project Leader and Designer for established architectural firms and co-founder of MMNT creative workshop, Tyler has gained valuable experience spanning multiple scales: from commercial interiors to complex, multi-building master planning & urban design. Through both education and experience, he has built a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in architectural projects while remaining experimental and inventive. Engaging in all forms of the built environment, from the intimate to the expansive, his ultimate goal remains enhancing the experience of the individual.


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